Consider Heartland America for a moment — nestled safely inside a country with the most formidable military the world has ever known, bordered north and south by friendly, non-threatening countries and east-west by oceans.

Shouldn’t this be the most contented, peaceful land that ever existed?

Yet, it remains trump-country and is driven by this insane fear of everything. Sociologists will be pondering this for many years after the trump fiasco is just a bad memory. Could it be some kind of lingering collective unconscious guilt at the way the native populations were removed via genocide? That some other inchoate power (The Chinese? Mexicans…) will eventually subject them to the same horrors?

No wonder they latched on to the maniac in the White House. He sings their song.

Dilettante, trivia black-belt, professional gargler, recent tolerator of cats, etc.. Roaming the world by freighter for no good reason.

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