Go fuck yourself with your spam

You have to wonder when we will ever stop tallying the destruction of that orange beast - from the ashes may rise a decent party once again, who knows.

I do have an all-electric car - cannot imagine anymore going to a gas station ever again.

I live in a community of 90 homes in Florida with large low roofs and only 2 of them have solar panels. All of those megawatts from the sun are going to waste as we continue to pump black filth out of the ground. This must change.

Graham, Cruz, that moronic Matt Gaetz, the atrocious MTG - the solid building blocks upon which the GOP hopes to build its future.

Hard to make this stuff up...

Anyone who helped enable and deliver that orange piece of shit can shampoo my crotch.

On September 23, 1960 John Steinbeck left Sag Harbor, NY for his trip to re-discover America. He had just recovered from a bout with Hurricane Donna which had done significant damage up and down the Eastern Seaboard a week earlier. His custom-made camper which he named Rocinante after Don Quixote’s…

A thing we’ll never see again

May 22, 1992 — I sat there in a kind of stunned silence, still unable to believe that this was going to be the last time we saw Carson take the stage in front of those comically huge curtains. …

Look, the markets right now are quite volatile. Stocks are moving up and down more than they would in so-called ‘normal’ times. You can definitely take advantage of these moves if you are careful and have the right instincts.

Early in March I set aside a trading stake of $12k…

Steve Dalkowski — maybe the hardest thrower of all time

Those of us who endure the time between November and April when baseball is out of season are having a tough time of it. I know that we must keep things in perspective in this horrid time, however we don’t have the customary escape that we have gotten used to…

The more abundant life — perhaps gone forever.

It’s over. And I am not embarrassed to admit that I find it all exhilarating. Of course not the suffering and death caused by this horrible pandemic, but the possibility of a new way of living on this planet. Capitalism has been stood down, made to halt its insane march…

John Gomez

Dilettante, trivia black-belt, professional gargler, recent tolerator of cats, etc.. Roaming the world by freighter for no good reason.

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